Ridged, split, soft: what your nails reveal about your health

Nails are not only a reflection of one’s temperament, they are also the mirror of small problems to be dealt with. because they can reveal certain pathologies. In this article, we will tell you what your nails reveal about your health.

My fingernails are ridged

If the streaks are vertical, this is normal. On the contrary, if the streaks are horizontal, parallel to the lunula, this is often the result of an abusive manicure. By pushing back the cuticle excessively, the matrix of the nail is traumatized, and a transverse streak or white line is formed.

The solution: Always have short toenails, cut square, don’t thin the sides to avoid ingrown nails.

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My nails are cracked, split

If your nails are streaked, beware of water, which may crack or split them. Water and all alkaline detergents, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid are the worst enemy of the nail.

The solution: Wear two pairs of gloves for housework: a small fine cotton glove under a waterproof glove. Including for gardening and peeling food, because meat, fish, fruit, vegetables are very aggressive.

My nails are soft

The fault with the water which softens the nail. When you stay for hours in your bath, when you get out, your nails are transparent and very soft: they are full of water.

The solution: Protect the nail with a base, and possibly a varnish and a top coat.

My fingernails are yellow

The common cause of yellow nails: the application of color varnish without a base, and certain transparent bases which yellow the nails. In addition, psoriasis, lichen or other fungal infections can yellow the nails.

The solution: You have to find a base that doesn’t yellow your nails, and always apply it under the colored varnish.

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Healthy manicure, instructions for use

  • Put a base, a varnish and a top coat, five days out of seven. Apply a moisturizing cream or preparations based on sweet almond or beeswax to the nail.
  • Apply a mild solvent without acetone, once a week.
  • Avoid hardeners, some of which may contain formaldehyde.

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