Small & Water-assistant Padmate PaMu Scroll Bluetooth Earphones Review

Chinese Padmate is back with new true wireless headphones. The company made a huge splash in Spring with selling the PaMu X13 wireless earbuds for only $69. Just a few months after the release of the PaMu X13 Earbuds, Padmate stuns with the PaMu Scroll wireless earphones. The technical advancement and miniaturization are mind-boggling.

The new PaMu Scroll earbuds are about half the size of the PaMu X13 and are packed with much better technology and improved sound. I have reviewed the original PaMu X13 earphones in July and came away impressed. The earphones became my daily driver. The new PaMu Scroll is a stunning upgrade.

Padmate uses new Bluetooth 5.0 chips that enable fast and robust auto pairing and connection. After pairing the PaMu Scroll the first time, you don’t have to bother with that anymore. Right as I take the earbuds out of the charging scroll, they are connected to my iPhone 7 Plus. The connection is confirmed by a voice inside the earbuds.

The new PaMu Scroll are so small that they fit completely in my ear. They are super lightweight and I almost don’t feel them wearing. Initially, I thought that they could fall out, but they just don’t. The PaMu X13 have these hooks that make them extremely safe to wear. The new PaMu Scroll, I just stick into my ears and they stay in place.

When putting the PaMu Scroll wireless earphones in your ear, you need to make sure the microphone holes are on the bottom. Both earbuds are touch-enabled and support to take a call. A double tap on the right earbuds calls up Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

A single tap stops the music and a double tap on the left earbud selects the next track. Like the previous generation of the Padmate PaMu, the new ones are also waterproof, making them ideal for working out. The sound is great with deep and full bass. Important for a great sound is that you find the best fit with the bundled ear tips.

Now let’s talk about the charging case. The new earphones are called scroll for a reason. The charging case is a roll wrapped in leather with a magnet lid. I have never seen a design like this. It’s unique and absolutely gorgeous. You can choose between four designs. The style of the review unit is called “Rock’n’Roll.”

The charging case can recharge the earbuds to get you again 3.5 hours of play time. The PaMu Scroll comes with a small accessory that makes the Scroll charging case wireless. After plugging in the small disc into the USB port, You can recharge the case using a Qi wireless power pad. This adds yet another coolness factor to the Padmate PaMu Scroll. I tested the wireless power charging with the $9.99 Anker Wireless Charging pad.

The small wireless power accessory can be used to make your other devices charge wirelessly as well. The little accessory is a very cool product on its own.

Padmate will initially sell the PaMu Scroll for only $39. The new PaMu Scroll wireless earphones go on sale on September 12 on the IndieGoGo platform. The regular price of the PaMu Scroll is $149. At the $39 price this is plain robbery and even the $149 price-tag is very low considering what you get. You can sign-up to the pre-launch waiting list on the Moldac site.

The PaMu Scroll make for a wonderful Holiday tech gift that will impress anybody who is receiving one. I fully recommend the new Padmate PaMu Scroll wireless earphones. It’s one of the hottest consumer electronics products of 2018. Watch also my video review of the PaMu Scroll below.

Padmate has been working for over 20 years as OEM/ODM company for top 500 companies. They have over 70 designers and engineers in R&D, who apparently are extremely creative.



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