A professional method for perfect nails

Applying stencil resin is a popular technique for nail beauty. This professional method allows you to obtain long, strong and perfect nails. In this article, Maryton Nail Supply will guide you through the steps of applying stencil resin, explain its advantages and give you advice for an impeccable result.

What is stencil resin? It is a product used to lengthen natural nails. Unlike traditional nail extensions, stencil resin is applied directly to the natural nail without using capsules or tips. It allows you to obtain longer and stronger nails, while maintaining a natural appearance.

Steps in laying stencil resin

  • Preparation: Invest in a professional manicure kit to clean, file and degrease your nails. Gently file the nail surface to create optimal adhesion.
  • Application of the stencil: Place the stencil under the free edge of the natural nail, ensuring that it adheres firmly. Make sure the template is correctly positioned to achieve the desired length and shape.
  • Application of resin: Apply a thin layer of resin to the entire surface of the nail, starting from the base area to the free edge. Be careful not to get it on the skin. Use a brush to spread the resin evenly and without air bubbles.
  • Catalysation: Place your nails under a UV or LED lamp to catalyze the resin. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for recommended cure time. This will allow the resin to harden and become solid.
  • Finishing: Once the resin has hardened, file and shape your nails to achieve the desired length and shape. Use a soft file to smooth the edges and a nail buffer to make the nail surface smooth and shiny.

Advantages of laying stencil resin

  • Durability: Stencil resin nails are durable and less likely to break or peel, providing longer wear.
  • Natural appearance: Stencil resin gives a natural look to nails, without the thick or artificial look often associated with traditional extensions.
  • Adaptability: Stencil resin allows you to create different nail shapes, whether square, oval or almond-shaped nails, depending on your preferences.

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