How to remove your semi-permanent nail polish naturally?

More and more of you are adopting semi-permanent varnish and it makes total sense. It is more practical, more resistant and above all, it can last up to three weeks on your nails. But after three weeks, you have to figure out how to get rid of it. In this article, Maryton nail supply will provide you with the right techniques to know how to remove semi-permanent varnish naturally.

The most natural method for removing semi-permanent varnish remains polishing. In fact, most professionals recommend it in order to preserve the nail, while removing the thickness of semi-permanent nail polish.

To polish your nail effectively, use a nail drill machine or a coarse-grained file. Don’t be impatient, otherwise you’re heading for disaster! Take your time, slowly, but surely. Don’t press too hard and start from the bottom up.

Other techniques for removing semi-permanent varnish

If you can’t stand filing your nails, there are other techniques for removing semi-permanent nail polish, but they are not natural.

The best known method is that of coating using foils. It involves soaking a piece of cotton with acetone nail polish remover and placing this cotton on your nails, all wrapped in aluminum foil. Wait for several minutes to let the acetone act on the varnish.

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