Trends for your nails in 2024

As we enter the year 2024, the world of manicure continues to reinvent itself with ever more innovative and original trends. The 2024 nail trends promise a diverse palette of styles, from revisited classic designs to avant-garde effects. In this article, Maryton takes you through what are the main trends in beautifying your nails this year.

Tartan nails

To get this manicure, start by applying a clear base, then a solid color polish. Then use a fine brush to draw crossed lines imitating the tartan pattern. You can vary the colors of the lines for more authenticity and finish with a glossy top coat for a long-lasting effect.

Astro nails

Astro nails are inspired by the mysteries of astrology and the cosmos. This trend is characterized by the use of deep colors such as midnight blue or purple, embellished with astrological motifs such as stars, moons or zodiac signs.

The tweed effect

The tweed effect on the nails evokes the timeless charm of this fabric. To recreate this look, opt for a neutral base then layer thin, irregular strokes in contrasting colors like black, white, and red. Use a very fine brush to imitate the characteristic texture of tweed.

The chrome effect

The chrome effect on the nails offers a metallic and futuristic finish, perfect for those looking to add a modern touch to their manicure. This effect is usually achieved with special powders rubbed onto a black or colored gel base, then sealed with a gel top coat.

3D nail art

3D nail art pushes creativity to its maximum with the addition of raised elements such as pearls, precious stones or even resin flowers. For a successful 3D effect, it is often best to entrust your hands to a professional who will know how to fix these ornaments in a lasting and artistic way.

The shaded effect

The ombré effect on the nails, or color gradient, remains an essential trend in 2024. This technique consists of harmoniously blending two or more colors on the nail, creating a soft and fluid effect. You can use a small makeup sponge to tap and blend colors onto the nail, working from a light base to darker tips, then seal it in with a top coat.

Each 2024 trend offers a unique opportunity to express your style and personality through your nails. Do not hesitate to acquire all the manicure kits you need.

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