Pearl nail art: the 8 trends to adopt urgently

Nail art has evolved dramatically over the years, offering a multitude of creative options for expressing one’s personality. Among the latest popular trends, discover pearl nail art which, as its name suggests, consists of creating a manicure with pearls. Grab your manicure kit and let’s get into the pearl nail art trend together!

What is pearl nail art?

Pearl nail art is a nail decoration technique that involves using pearls to create unique manicures by playing with a three-dimensional effect. These beads, in different sizes and colors, can be used alone or combined with other nail art elements.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist, chic look or an eye-catching, extravagant style, pearl nail art offers a multitude of options to express your creativity and personal style.

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8 manicure ideas with pearls

  • Pearls as a nail accent: apply a nude, white or transparent varnish to all the nails, then add one or more pearls to a single nail for a touch that is both chic and striking;
  • Beaded French manicure: reinvent the classic French manicure by adding pearls along the free edge of the nail. This elegant variation brings a modern twist to a traditional style;
  • Pearl Ombre: Create a pearl gradient on your nails using shades of the same color. Start with lighter pearls at the base of the nail and intensify the color towards the tip of the nail;
  • Beaded half-moon: highlight nail lunules by adorning them with delicate pearls;
  • Beaded Geometric Patterns: Express your creativity by creating geometric patterns with beads, such as sharp lines, triangles or diamonds;
  • Marbled Pearl Manicure: Pair the marble trend with pearl accents for an ultra-chic manicure. Use different shades of polish to create a marbled design on the nails, then add pearls for a luxurious touch;
  • Beaded jewel nail: completely cover one of the nails with pearls of different sizes to create a real sparkling jewel and not go unnoticed;
  • Constellation Effect: Create a constellation effect by arranging different sized beads on your nails to imitate the stars in the night sky.

Pearl nail art offers endless possibilities for creating unique manicures, whether you prefer an understated or bold look. Are you missing a top coat, a nail art brush or semi-permanent varnish? At Maryton, supplier of equipment for nail technicians, you will find the best nail products!

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