How to choose the right nail files?

For effective filing, it all starts with choosing the right nail file. There are iron, glass or cardboard files as well as different grits. Here’s a complete guide to help you better choose nail files at the nail supply store.

The iron file

The iron file or metal file is sold in supermarkets. We could therefore think that it is an accessory intended for all types of nails. Be careful, these hard files with ridges are in fact only suitable for filing false nails. They tend to weaken natural nails, and should only be used if you have nothing else on hand.

The glass file

The glass nail file is an accessory that pampers natural nails. This soft file with often very fine grain is perfect for the most fragile nails. It allows gentle filing, without risk of weakening.

Disposable Professional Manicure Kits
Disposable Professional Manicure Kits

The cardboard nail file

The cardboard file is most frequently included in manicure kits sold in supermarkets and specialized stores. It comes in all sizes and comes with several grains. What we call grain is the texture of the nail file. The smaller the grain, the less abrasive it will be on your nails.

Depending on the grain chosen, the cardboard file can be used to give shape to your nail or to apply gel or permanent varnish. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a specialist, so as not to make a mistake about the grain of your file if in doubt.

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