Discover permanent manicure for a TOP manicure for weeks

Who hasn’t dreamed of having impeccable nails for two to three weeks without needing to touch their polish? But as with any beauty service, there are pros and cons to weigh, especially when talking about this high-hold, high-shine service. Nail supply expert Maryton breaks down the truth about the process, including best practices so your nails don’t suffer.

What is permanent manicure?

Imagine perfectly lacquered nails that retain their shiny appearance for days or even weeks after your visit to the institute. How is it possible? Thanks to a special formula which, unlike traditional varnish, is composed of acrylic molecules similar to jelly. Each layer is dried under a UV lamp for impeccable installation!

What result can you expect from a permanent manicure?

At the end of this process, you will be left with dry nails, therefore without the risk of accidental smudging. Your nails will also look shiny and slightly domed due to the thickness of the product. Of course, this lasts about two to three weeks. But be careful not to delay removing your permanent manicure too much: this could damage your nail underneath.

But be careful: permanent manicure can potentially damage your nails if certain steps are not done correctly. It’s also important to use quality manicure supplies. Also remember that LED or UV lamps used during a permanent manicure can damage skin cells and pose a low carcinogenic risk.

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