Taking care of your nails in winter

Winter is harsh on our bodies, so we should take care of our skin. Of course, nails are no exception. In this article, the nail expert Maryton will tell you how to take care of your nails in winter. Keep reading!

Moisturize and nourish nails

Cold temperatures can dry out our nails and cuticles. Make sure to moisturize and nourish these areas regularly with a quality cream or oil.

Protect and anticipate attacks

To protect your nails from any type of attack and prevent them from getting damaged, wear gloves on cold days. This will also protect against the cold and wind.

Maintain your nails

Longer nails are more likely to break, so keeping them maintained can help prevent damage.

Avoid aggressive and chemical products

Many household cleaning products or poor quality nail polishes can dry out nails, so try to use as little as possible.

Eat varied and balanced

Your nails need certain minerals and vitamins to stay healthy. So make sure you eat a balanced diet most of the time and vary foods rich in biotin, vitamin C and E, and simpler nutrients.

Use a professional manicure kit

Filing and softening your nails will help keep them healthy and looking great. This helps remove dead skin and stimulates circulation.

Be gentle

Avoid biting your nails and biting the small skin around them. This can weaken and damage them. Also, try not to use your nails to open products, bottles or remove labels.

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