What are the essential qualities for a nail technician?

To become an excellent prosthetist, you must show imagination, creativity and adapt the decorations according to each client’s nails. Manual skill and a love of quality are necessary, but also a keen sense of precision.

Applying false nails is not a trivial operation. You must therefore take care to protect your client’s nails and sometimes refuse certain people who may be taking medication.

Have impeccable hygiene, disinfected and sterilized instruments.

Keep in mind that anyone who enters the door of an institute has come for a moment of relaxation, so you must establish a good relationship with them. Being able to advise customers on cosmetic products to use for hands and nails.

Make the difference with special attention to your nail care with professional manicure kits.

Let it take time to work on your fingernails or toenails. In addition, the gloves protect against UV rays.

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