Application of the polygel step by step

To apply the acrylic gel, it is important that you have skills. In this step-by-step guide, the nail supply expert Maryton will explain how to prepare the natural nail plate step by step and how to apply the acrylic gel correctly.

Preparing the manicure

Remove cuticles

Push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher and remove excess skin with cuticle scissors or tweezers. By removing the cuticles, you will be able to apply your nail product as far as possible and your regrowth will not show as quickly.

Nail filing and shaping

File the nails into the desired shape with a nail file and matt the natural nail plate with a buffing block. By matting the nail, nail products adhere better to the natural nail. Be careful not to press too hard on your nail file, or you can damage the nail plate and possibly cause burns.

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Application of nail products:

Apply nail prep

Before applying the nail prep, it is important to degrease your nails with a cleaner, otherwise the nail prep will be contaminated with oils. After degreasing your natural nails, apply a coat of nail prep and let it dry for about 1 minute.

Application of the base coat

When the nail is completely dry, apply a thin base coat. Be sure to stay 1mm from the cuticles and properly seal your nail tips by applying base coat horizontally to the nail tips. Let your nails cure under a nail lamp.

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Application of the stencil

Apply a stencil, making sure the stencil fits snugly under the nail. For this, there are cutting lines, which makes it possible to adapt the stencil to the nail. After cutting the stencil, fold it and glue it under the nail, then attach it to the sides of the fingers.

Poly gel application

Model the polygel into the desired shape and cure it under a nail lamp. After hardening, remove the sticky layer using a cleaner and cellulose cotton, then file the artificial nails to give them the desired shape. After filing, remove dust and degrease nails.

Application of semi-permanent varnish color

Choose a beautiful gel polish color and apply it on your nails. Let your nails cure under a nail lamp. Repeat this step a second time.

Apply top coat

Apply a layer of top coat and make sure your nail tips are well sealed, you do this by applying your top coat horizontally on your nail tips. Let your nails cure under a UV/LED lamp.

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Finishing the manicure:

Apply hand cream

After a manicure, it is always best to apply a hand cream and massage them. This will rehydrate your hands and improve blood circulation in your hands. By exerting pressure, the blood that circulates badly in the congested areas will start to circulate better again.

Apply cuticle oil

It is equally important to apply cuticle oil, especially after removing the cuticles. This will rehydrate your cuticles and restore their flexibility. Thus, your cuticles will always remain in good condition.

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