The different materials of nail drill bits

A nail drill needs “cutter” bits. These coated bits are available in different grits, materials, sizes and shapes. Before you drown in a multitude of choices, let’s take a look at the different materials of nail drill bits.

Here are different materials of nail drill bits:

1. Carbide bits: Suitable for use on acrylic nails, and UV gel nails, only use for material removal.

2. Diamond bits: Use for natural nails, UV gel and for acrylic resin nails.

3. Ceramic bits: For the same reasons, but with less friction and heat.

4. Titanium bits: Use when shaping the nail, filling, and removal, not to use on the natural nail.

5. Emeri bits: Suitable for UV gel acrylic nails and hard skin such as calluses.

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