The essential tools for the professional manicure

To make clean, smudge-free false nails, the basic tools of a professional manicure will be essential. What are the essential tools? Today, this article will give you ideas. Just keep reading!

Here is a short list of the materials you absolutely must have in your manicure kit:

1. A UV or LED lamp to catalyze the nails and dry the semi-permanent varnishes and harden the extensions or the restructuring of resin or gel nails.

2. An electric nail drill and its various cutters to help you shape false nails and to facilitate the removal of gel or semi-permanent varnish.

3. Iron cuticle pushers or wooden sticks to peel off and push back the skin.

4. A buffing block to file, smooth, polish and shine the nails.

5. Fine-grained and medium-grained files. The fine grain file is often used to give a nice shape to natural nails. As for the medium grit file, it is used to file gels, capsules, acrylic resins as well as UV gels.

6. Manicure brushes to make your Nail Art.

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