What are the colors to favor for spring nail art?

There are classic polish colors that are trending all year round, but for spring go for bright and vibrant colors that are reminiscent of that season. Among the very trendy colors this spring is green-gray, it is a very light shade of green that recalls the color of the vegetation of this season.

Like every spring, pastel colors are also on the agenda this year, it is possible to use them in nail art, they will go perfectly with several decorations.

If you like blue, know that this year this color is back in force for spring, it is possible to opt for pastel blue, electric blue, midnight blue, etc. On the side of flashy colors, we find neon red and calendula color, the latter are very reminiscent of the sun and are perfect for vibrant nail art.

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If you like soft and discreet colors, know that this spring, the neutral and very trendy nude, you can use it as a base for simple nail art. For more colors while opting for discretion, you can choose a Pacific Pink, a very soft shade of pink that suits everyone.

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