How to apply Polygel?

Applying a Polygel doesn’t require much experience or skill and can be done very well at home. In this blog, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you how to apply polygel!

What is Polygel?

Polygel is a gel formula that allows you to sculpt nail extensions that are both strong and light. Indeed, it is stronger and more durable than a traditional gel polish and lighter than heavy acrylic nails. So you have time to sculpt your nails and then harden them under an LED or UV lamp. In addition, it doesn’t have the strong unpleasant smell of acrylic nails.

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Apply Polygel with capsule

Applying Polygel using capsules is the easiest way. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Prepare your nails. Start by pushing back and aligning your cuticles then filing your nails with a medium grit nail file or an electric nail filer.
  • Clean your nails with alcohol or acetone then apply a primer.
  • Apply a gel base coat and let it harden for 60 seconds.
  • Use a capsule slightly thicker than your nail and the same size as it. This will allow the sides of it to completely cover the sides of your nail.
  • Apply a dab of Polygel in the middle of the capsule and wet your brush.
  • Use the brush to spread the Polygel over the entire surface.
  • Put the capsule on your nail and catalyze it with an LED/UV lamp for 60 seconds.
  • Remove the capsules and clean your nails with alcohol to remove the sticky layer.
  • File your nails as desired then apply a gel top coat and cure it for 60 seconds with an LED/UV lamp.
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