How to apply permanent varnish?

Having beautiful well-groomed hands is nice, but regular visits to the salon to maintain them are a real ordeal, especially for your wallet! In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will tell you how to apply your semi-permanent varnish, very easily, in a few steps and directly at home.

Before laying, you must properly prepare your nails, they must be clean and smooth so that the varnish adheres well. Your manicure will be shiny, and the polish will last longer. To do this, push back your cuticles, file your nails to the desired shape and buff the surface of the nail to remove any residue. You will then be ready to do your nail polish.

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How to apply your semi-permanent varnish at home?

After preparing your nails with the different accessories, you will then be able to start your application by following these different steps:

Step 1: Primer

If you have oily nails, it is important to apply a primer, which will dehydrate the nail. This will increase the adhesion of the semi-permanent varnish. Apply a thin layer and air dry.

Step 2: Base coat

The application of a base coat ensures your varnish a long-lasting hold and optimal protection. If you use a dark color, the base will avoid all stains. Apply a thin layer all over your nails and put your hand under the UV/LED lamp for 60-120 seconds.

Step 3: The semi-permanent varnish of your choice

After choosing a color, apply a thin coat of semi-permanent polish to your nails, taking care not to touch the cuticles. Let your hand cure under the UV/LED lamp for 60-120 seconds, then apply the second coat and finish by going under the lamp.

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Step 4: The Top Coat

Finish by applying a layer of top coat on the nail. This step is essential to prolong the hold of your nail polish and add extra shine. Make sure not to overflow then catalyze the varnish one last time under the lamp.

Step 5: The cleaner

After finishing the nail polish, there will be a greasy layer left on the nail, so you need to wipe a cotton pad soaked in cleanser to remove this layer. This step will not remove the color, on the contrary, it will harden and maintain the shine of the varnish.

You can now apply and place your nail polish like the professionals right at home! I hope you have enjoyed all these tips and treatments! In addition to these, I advise you to invest in a complete manicure kit! To help you in your choice, I invite you to visit our website.



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