Succeed in your Black Manicure

Black varnish is trendy, and wearing it is a symbol of chic and elegance. Worn alone or in duo with another color, it offers a wide range of possible looks. In this article, your expert nail supplier Maryton will give you ideas.

1. How to wear a black manicure?

The black manicure can be worn in three ways:

  • Lacquered and very shiny: this sophisticated and daring manicure guarantees you an attractive look.
  • Matte: matte black gives a classic and casual style to the woman who wears it.
  • In nail art: you can associate the black varnish in duo with another color. Especially white and gold.
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Black manicure ideas in nail art

  • A French manicure reinvented: making a French manicure with black instead of white is the idea of this simple manicure.
  • The marbled look: with white varnish, you can achieve a pretty black and white marbled pattern.
  • The glitter gradient: you can opt for the black and glitter gradient. The result is very elegant.
  • Geometric patterns: if you want to lighten the total black look of your nails, you can draw geometric patterns in black.
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2. Tips for a successful black manicure

  • Black manicure should be performed on short, perfectly filed nails.
  • The black varnish can overflow during its installation, and be difficult to remove. So place a fatty substance around the nail before performing your manicure.
  • Always apply a base coat, before applying black nail polish, to prevent yellowing of your nails.
  • A black polish is demanding in its outfit. Apply a touch of top coat every other day. And as soon as it starts to flake, carefully remove it.

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