True / False: received ideas about nail polish

Should it be stored cold? Does solvent or semi-permanent damage the health of nails? We untangle true from false!

Semi-permanent varnish damages nails

False. The semi-permanent varnish is not more harmful for the health of the nails. What poses a problem, on the other hand, is rather the removal. The varnish being attached to the superficial layer of the nail, when the deposit is badly carried out, it happens that this one is torn off and the keratin – protective layer – is damaged. We therefore avoid scratching and tearing a flaking varnish.

Wearing nail polish every day damages the nails

True. The varnish prevents the nail from producing its protective film, the sebum. We weaken their quality, we make them more fragile… To keep a healthy manicure, we therefore take care to observe a period of respite between 2 nail polish applications.

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The varnish yellows the nails

True and false. It depends on the shades and how you make your manicure. Naturally porous, nails absorb pigments; When the nails are damaged they are even more fragile and porous. Here too, spacing out the manicures and applying a base improves the health of the nails.

Cutting your cuticles flush is damaging

True. The cuticle is a sort of protective barrier for the nail. And it’s a bit like hair: when you cut it, the cuticles grow back thicker and even less docile! The right method is to moisturize them, conscientiously and regularly so that they remain supple and transparent.

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