The things of nail hardener

Having fragile nails, when you want to have beautiful nails, can be very complicated. The good news is that there are interesting products like nail hardeners both to repair them and to enhance them. Today we will talk about nail hardener.

What is a nail hardener?

Nail hardener is a product applied to the nails to make them longer and more resistant to breakage, in addition to protecting them from further damage. It can be applied to fragile nails once or twice a week or before a manicure.

There are a few types of nail hardeners in the market, which work differently to strengthen the nails. The market offers soft hardeners, strong hardeners and extra strong hardeners, depending on the condition of your nails. However, this type of product should be used with caution, given its composition.

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Why use a nail hardener?

If you have weak nails, soft nails, brittle nails or endangered nails, you need a nail hardener. This product can be used as a base for a manicure, as a fixative and even as a transparent lacquer. Note that nail hardeners improve the condition of the natural nail plate by providing protection and nourishment to the nails.

How to apply a nail hardener?

It is quite simple to apply a nail hardener on your nails. However, before you get to this step, clean your nails, removing any polish and washing and drying your hands thoroughly first. Then apply a thin layer of hardener on your nails in three movements: one in the center and two on the sides of the nail. Finally, let the hardener dry completely and you can varnish over the hardener with your favorite color.

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