Nails of the foot: which beauty to choose?

Many of us pamper our hands with neat manicures and sophisticated nail arts. But what about our toenails? They are more often hidden than our hands. Have you ever wanted to take good care of your foot? Our Maryton nail supply will tell you everything in the following article.

Russian manicure for the feet

Ideal for obtaining a neat and neat result, this technique will allow you to prepare your toenails before applying a classic varnish, a semi-permanent varnish or false gel nails. It is also compatible with different nail art techniques.

The semi-permanent varnish to sublimate your feet

One of the most practical solutions to sublimate your toenails is semi-permanent varnish. By adopting this beauty treatment, you will benefit from its long-lasting hold  and an impeccable finish.

Professional Disposable Pedicure Kit for Nail Salon

False gel nails for the feet

Rather suited to the summer season and to open shoes, which limit the risk of injury or detachment, this technique will allow you to sublimate your toenails while reinforcing them with a protective layer.

Beauty of the feet: fall for an original nail art!

Difficult to talk about only one and the same technique when talking about nail art. This specialty of the nail technician profession brings together a wide variety of effects and methods to enhance the nails of your hands, but also of your feet.

OK! Now that you have known which beauty to choose of your feet, bring your pedicure supplies and act now! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have nail tools. We have everything all you need.

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