Gel nails: capsules or chablons?

Nails are indicative of your femininity and the care you take in your appearance. You want to have beautiful hands thanks to the installation of false gel nails. But how to choose between a nail extension with capsule and stencil? What are the differences? In this article, our Maryton nail supply will tell you everything!

The nail extension with capsule

After having meticulously prepared your nails, the nail technician sticks a capsule  on the free edge of the natural nail. Cut and file according to the desired length to get the desired shape. Then cover it with a layer of gel, over the entire surface. The gel must be perfectly modeled before being dried under a U.V. lamp for 30 seconds to 1 minute, to make it solid.

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Gel nails with template

The stencil is a form paper, which acts as a template for the nails. It is double-sided, one of which the nail technician sticks under the free edge of the natural nail. The nail stylist will then apply gel and shape it to obtain the desired shape and length. The nail extension with stencil simply allows you to extend your nails, without glue or capsules.

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Capsule or chablon, what are the differences?

For either technique, the nail is lengthened. The natural nails are strengthened and sublimated thanks to the gel, which offers a shiny and lasting result. Working with the stencil requires expertise and offers a very natural result. Also, the layer of gel applied with the stencil is thinner than for a capsule. False nails with stencils or capsules last about 4 weeks.

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