Why my gel nails don’t hold?

We spend hours at our favorite prosthetist or doing our own nails at home and one fine day, of course the day when we shouldn’t, our application of false nails in UV gel peels off: small pieces or completely. Why? Why our gel nails don’t hold long? I will tell you the answer in this article!

Here are the possible causes and solutions:

Cause 1: Your false nails are breaking on the sides: the UV gel has been applied too thinly or has been filed down too much.

Solution: The thickness of gel placed on the sides must be sufficient to follow the movements of the natural nail. Care must also be taken not to file too much between the end of the finger and the free edge.

Cause 2: The false nails break in the middle: wrong choice of caps, nails too long or the convexity applied was not sufficient for the length. Don’t put very long nails on people who are not used to it. The nails “shock” vertically, which leads to breakage.

Solution: If you have chosen the wrong size of your capsules, by dint of pulling on the nail, they will jump just above the notch bonding. This can be very painful and even dangerous.

Cause 3: The false nail breaks on the free edge: the thickness of the curve is not correct.

Solution: The thickness must be proportional with the length of the nails. The longer the free edge of the nail, the more thickness will be needed on the stress zone so that it properly supports the movements of the nails.

Other causes:

  1. You waited too long between 2 fillings: the pose is no longer balanced and the crown is now too far forward.
  2. You have bitten your false nails: the breakage will be visible at the level of his natural nail.
  3. You used your fingernails for leverage.
  4. Certain medical treatments can influence the installation of false nails, but they are rare. A large influx of hormones.
  5. Certain food supplements taken by clients to have beautiful hair “grease” the natural nail and prevent the UV gel false nails from holding.

In addition to these mentioned above, maybe you will need other manicure supplies to care for your nails. If you don’t have, check out our Maryton website, where there are all kinds of nail products.

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