Which nude varnish to choose according to your skin color?

The varnish allows you to dress the nails and make them beautiful. The big trend to wear in all seasons and occasions remains nude varnish. Do you want to adopt an ultra-trendy nude manicure? Beige, dew, brown… Find out which color is the most suitable for you according to your skin color.

Nude varnish: Which color to choose?

Indeed, if your skin is too light compared to the varnish chosen, the nude effect will not be successful. Ditto if, conversely, your complexion is too dark for the color of the hairspray. How to choose it? We tell you everything.

If your skin is very fair with pink undertones, an almost transparent and slightly pink nail polish will be perfect. Is your skin fair with golden undertones? The ideal color is a sandy beige. If your skin is matte, the most suitable shade is a taupe or a beige. As for very dark complexions, they will be highlighted by light browns. Don’t forget to apply a top coat after your two thin coats of varnish.

Nude varnish: how to apply it?

Start by applying a base: this product will prevent the nail from absorbing the color of the varnish and becoming yellow. Then apply a thin layer of nude varnish, then a second when the first is completely dry. Light and nude colors are often not very opaque and must be applied several times to obtain a top result. Last step: the top coat, which will shine and protect the lacquer.

Ok! Now that you know which nude varnish to choose according to your skin color, bring your manicure supplies and start a perfect nail ride! If you don’t have, welcome to browse our nail supply store online, which has a wide variety of nail nail beauty products.

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