How to dress your nails in summer?

After mixed weather during the spring of 2022, it’s time to bring some lasting sunshine to your nails. Fortunately, the nail art trends of the summer delight all styles and temperaments. Just follow us!

Sober and elegant, the nude or pastel style

Nude nail art highlights the natural colors of the nail, and brings a chic and discreet note to your fingertips. You are then free to add your touch of originality with lines or silver reflections. White or ombre designs can also add depth to your nails. This subtle practice remains very popular among nail technicians.

Flashy colors for vitaminized nails

During sunny days, we let ourselves be tempted by sparkling and original tones. In the same vein, fruits gladly invite themselves onto our varnish palettes. It’s all a matter of taste: colorful references to elaborate designs, citrus fruits, pineapples or other watermelons are the kings of summer.

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