Eco-friendly varnishes: 6 true/false that will surprise you

Exit the toxic components in eco varnishes. Their formulas based on ingredients of natural origin such as potato, wheat or coconut oil, finally promise color without compromise. 

1. The formulation is almost identical to classic varnishes

False. Lacquers are classified according to the amount of harmful substances absent from their formula. They thus bear a number followed by the words “free”. If classic nail polishes are generally 6 or 7 free, green nail polishes reach 9 or even 10 free.

2. Eco-friendly varnishes last as long as ordinary varnishes

True. The solvents used by eco-friendly varnishes are not derived from petrochemicals but obtained by vegetable distillation, which doesn’t make them less effective: up to 4 days without flaking, or even longer with a top coat.

3. Eco-friendly nail polish is necessarily organic

False. Moreover, to date, organic varnish doesn’t exist because to be labeled, lacquers should be formulated without solvents and use only organic pigments. And therefore a palette limited to nude shades.

4. Green nail polish takes longer to dry

False. The drying time is equivalent. It is the evaporation of the solvents that helps the lacquer to dry and those obtained thanks to green chemistry do not present any particular constraints compared to conventional solvents.

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5. There are green semi-permanent varnishes

False. The two now seem irreconcilable. Some brands claim a formula without acid or solvents and a softer catalysis under LED lamps, but the process itself remains aggressive. But there are ultra-shiny gel-effect green varnishes!

6. Eco-friendly nail polish is good for nails

True and false. They strive to eliminate substances suspected of toxicity from their formulas and some incorporate active ingredients such as vegetable keratin to strengthen or nutritious borage oil, but a beneficial claim is not yet in order!

All right! After listening to the introduction of Eco-friendly varnish, are you full of confidence in your manicure? So what are you waiting for? Take your manicure kit and action! Moreover, to discover more products to realize your nail beauty click here.

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