How to make your varnish even more flashy?

Want a pretty neon manicure for the end of summer? To make your nail polish look as bright on your nails as it did in the bottle, take out your manicure sets and follow us to discover the pro tips.

Prepare your nails

Right after showering or bathing, apply a nourishing oil to the cuticles to soften them. Massage lightly and let the product act for a few minutes before pushing back the small skins with a wooden stick. Cut and file your nails, then finish by smoothing their surface with a polisher. This will allow your manicure to hold better.

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No stalemate on the base

Always start with a base coat before applying your polish. It acts as a protective barrier between the pigments and your nails. The trick to intensifying the neon shade is to opt for a white formula, it will forms a backdrop against which the color will appear even more flashy.

Light up your color

Apply two thin coats of colored nail polish, then apply a top coat. This will bring out the color of your manicure and prolong its hold. Renew the application of the top coat every two days to keep a nice glossy finish.

What flashy shade for me?

If you have dewy skin on your hands, avoid yellow, orange and purple polishes, which will tend to bring out the red undertones of your complexion. Opt for a blue, green or fuchsia shade instead. If you have very fair skin, go for a coral or pink tone. The option is in you!

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