The perfect nail shape for your hands

Every woman wants beautiful hands, and manicures have always been a popular beauty fad. But in recent years the nail art trends do not cease to amaze us and it is correct to say that the existing nail shapes have reached number over ten or fifteen. Each new shape immediately comes in many variations and the wildest expectations have already been exceeded. The recommendation for those of you who are always looking for the best shape is always the same: whether the nail shape is classic or extravagant, it is important that it meets the character of the lady and sublimates her personal style. To make it easier for you to choose the ideal shape and to satiate your curiosity, Maryton have prepared a list of classic and modern nail shapes, some of which combine to form hybrid styles:

Short overview of nail shape styles

Oval or rounded nail shape – you create it by filing your nails in the shape of a half moon. It is a universal shape reminiscent of the natural nail shape. You can wear it on short or mid-length nails. This type of nails symbolizes femininity and youth and adapts well to almost all types of fingers. The nail art that is suitable for oval nails is the half-moon manicure and the pure one-color manicure or with some stylish designs.

Oval nail shape – a classic shape that never goes out of style

Almond Nail Shape – This shape is named after the almond nut because it copies its shape. You create it by filing the edges of the nails up and creating a rounded end. It was a somewhat forgotten form that has been brought up to date and is now enjoying great success. She looks good with long nails. If your fingers are short, you can reap a lot of benefits since this type of fingernail makes your fingers thinner. A nail art in light color glitter or with rhinestones perfect this shape very well.

The almond nail shape is very popular now

Square nail shape – one of the classic shapes that is supposed to be a bit retro but still trendy. It adapts well to medium-length nails and looks very stylish on short nails. Square nails have parallel edges and a level top. Because of the upper right, this shape shortens the fingers and is more suitable for women with long fingers. All styles of nail art work well in this shape, but a graphic patterned manicure may be the ideal option. Matte and neutral colors will perfectly enhance this style. The square shape can have the top slightly rounded (square oval or squoval) or the top straight but the sides rounded (square rounded)

Square nail shape – universal and elegant it is the favorite of the practical woman

Ballerina nail shape – this is really a sophisticated shape suitable for extra long nails. Memories of the 90s, it is currently revalued and is gaining many followers. Similar to the almond nail shape, it has the sides well filed but the top aligned. Like on almond nails, the colors you should go for are pearly, light and soft shades. Nude pink is ideal for this type of nails. Matte varnishes are also a good choice

Ballerina nails, or rather in the shape of a dance tip

Stiletto nail shape – These are very long, pointed nails. They are created by filing the edges under diagonal so that the two lines meet to form a pointed end. Supporting this extravagant form is not easy. You should use strengthening serums and always wear quality polish. Applying gel to the top of the nail is mandatory. The aquarium manicure is very typical and goes very well with this shape

The stiletto shape with a pretty butterfly manicure

Russian almond nail shape – it is a shape that combines elements of two styles which are almond style and square style. The toe is pointed but not too sharp, the sides tilt slightly upward but still remain almost parallel. As with the stiletto shape, to achieve this type of nail you must visit a nail salon

Russian almond – a sophisticated shape on long nails

Edge shape – the sides are absolutely or nearly parallel and the nail ends in an inverted V, which some people call us the house roof shape

Original nails in edge shape

How do you choose the best nail shape for your hands?

The first thing to mention is that pointed or oval shapes lengthen and slim the fingers, while square shapes make them shorter.

  • the styles recommended for long and thin fingers

Any style of nail will work for you, but some are really for you. The shapes that will complement your fingers wonderfully are the square shape and the oval square shape. The aligned top of the square shape makes your fingers and hands look wider and balances the natural thinness of your hand. If you round the edges of the nails but keep the top aligned, you will get a stylish hand look. These fingernails look like jewelry on the tips of your fingers and are less likely to break than fingernails with sharp ends. The Russian almond shape is also possible on thin fingers

Dotted manicure in red, white and black

  • styles recommended for long and wide fingers

The oval shape is the first shape that will sublimate your long and wide fingers. This shape is easy to maintain, elegant and very feminine. It is suitable for the practical woman who is not afraid to engage in physical activities and masculine professions and who does well in her daily life. The other possible choice that will satisfy you is the almond form. The slim sides, slightly tapered shape and rounded top of this style make your hands slimmer and more elegant.

  • the styles recommended for short and wide fingers

These are all the pointed toe shapes as well as the ballerina shape – oval, almond, stiletto. These shapes will swing the proportions of the rounded hands by adding a subtle and graceful element, such as the pointed or slightly pointed toe. The oval shape is ideal if you want to keep your nails short but enjoy the lengthening effect of the rounded top. For the almond shape you must of course have long and well-groomed nails. The stiletto and ballerina forms are the most extravagant and dramatic of the forms cited. They are suitable for daring and decisive ladies. Ballerinas are difficult to maintain because of the tapered and angular edges but if your nails do not break, we recommend them!

The stiletto gives the fingers a super graceful shape

Square nail shape – a suitable style for the businesswoman

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