Sanitizing and sterilizing nail equipment

The sanitization of nail technician products and environments is essential to sanitize the spaces and tools used for this work, in an efficient and lasting way. It is urgent to carry out a sanitization of the surfaces and a sterilization of the instruments used, to ensure that both any traces of blood and the proliferation of bacteria and viruses dangerous for customers are eliminated. Simply cleaning the work spaces is not enough to sanitize everything. The same legal regulations require periodic sanitation carried out by companies specialized in the sterilization of work spaces. They perform an efficient, fast and long-lasting job.
Here it is appropriate not to neglect hygiene and thorough cleaning that safeguard the health of the client, but also of the professionals who carry out this work. A dirty workstation, where there are residues of dust, skin or nails, releases the formation of bacteria and viruses resistant to simple detergents and extremely dangerous.
Therefore, the goal of every nail technician must be to carry out a clean, high-quality and professional nails set. The same legislation requires these requirements which should not be ignored before proceeding with the manicure and a flawless nail reconstruction. Cleaning the tools is the first step to work in total safety and tranquility. The sterilization of the instruments takes place through special equipment that decontaminates in an autoclave, that is, using steam at very high pressure and temperature.
Before proceeding with this deep disinfection, all instruments must be cleaned with a cloth soaked in detergent. In fact, the presence of dust, gel and various residues nullifies the sterilization process. Any towels, basins that are not disposable, must be cleaned using products with high disinfectant power and must be washed in the washing machine at very high temperatures.
Cleaning the areas used for nail technician work prevents any type of environmental contamination and blocks the spread of any type of virus or bacterium. Surfaces must be sanitized only after having performed a deep cleansing. This means that the companies specialized in professional cleaning go to clean the floors, the surfaces used for work, the door handles and the toilets present with particular biological detergents and disinfectants that are not harmful to the health of the people who practice these spaces. Thorough rinsing cleans everything up, eliminating all types of dirt and any bad odors.
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