Effective product against soft nails: hardening varnish

Do you have soft and weakened nails and are you looking for an effective solution to nourish and strengthen them? The hardening varnish is made for you! With its enriched formula, it will allow you to quickly find long, strong and resistant natural nails.

What is a hardening varnish?

The hardener varnish is a versatile varnish, which can be used at the same time as a base, a clear varnish, a fixer or a hardener. It is particularly recommended for soft or fragile nails, which tend to break or split, or for people who often expose their hands to water (for example, people who swim).
The hardening varnish easily penetrates into the 3 layers of the nail to harden and strengthen them. It will also add shine and shine to your natural nails.

There are 3 types of nail hardeners:

  • Soft hardener
  • Strong hardener
  • Extra strong hardener

The softer and more fragile the nail, the more you will opt for a concentrated formula.

This kind of products is very adequate to use with some other professional nail supplies.

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