PaMu Unique Earphones: Great Earphones with an Affordable Price

PaMu Unique are of the few wireless earphones that strive hard to distinguish themselves from others, and I think they have succeeded in doing so. From the expensive ones like the Apple AirPods to the cheap $40 ones, you can easily find earphones that suit your budget. PaMu Unique are priced at $89, which belong to the mid-range tier but offer features and styles that can rival those in the higher range.

PaMu Unique is a product from Padmate, who had several successful Indiegogo campaigns for their PaMu series of wireless earphones. Looking through their product list, it seems that Padmate decided to take all the great features from all their product line and put them all in one great set of earphones that is this PaMu Unique.

First of all, PaMu Unique is stylish. If you like stylish accessories and interchangeable skins to match your mood, then PaMu Unique will not disappoint. The charging case is just a bare round cylinder with no cover. However, the box does come with a set of three stylish covers/skins that you can use to dress up the charging case. You can open it up like a round small purse and close it with a snap.

PaMu Slide Mini and PaMu Unique: True Wireless Earphones with Style and Good Sound

One side of the charging case is the USB-C port for charging. (Yes, I love that it is using a USB-C port rather than the obsolete microUSB port.) The other side contains LED lights to show how much battery juice the case has remaining.

The charging case comes with a 400mAh battery which can charge the earphones from zero to full twice. The earphones have an internal 85mAh battery. When the battery is flat, you only need to charge it for five minutes for one hour of usage. The charging case takes about one hour to go from (almost) zero to full.

For those who prefer wireless charging, you can attach a PaMu wireless charging receiver to the USB-C port of the charging case, which magically allows it to refill its charge standing up and without any cable. The wireless receiver doesn’t come with the box, though. It costs $20 and you need to get it separately. While the idea to implement wireless charging is simple, I don’t see a lot of manufacturers doing it, so kudos to Padmate for making this possible.

The earphones have a shorter stem than AirPods and are a bit bulkier in size. However, they are not heavy and I do find them comfortable to wear. They fit snugly in my ear, and there isn’t one time that either of them have fallen off, even when I have worn them for my jog and workout session. In fact, after a while, it was easy to forget that they were in my ears.

One thing I like about these earphones is that they pair with my devices very quickly. Even switching among devices doesn’t require a lot of effort. I took them out of the case, and 30 seconds later I was already listening to music on them. I tried with my laptop, desktop, TV, and my Garmin watch, and the results were all positive.

The earphones are running a Qualcomm QCC3020 TWS chip, and it doesn’t disappoint. The bass is decent, and the mid and the highs are clear and smooth. I am no audiophile, but I am really enjoying the music quality.

Like most other good wireless earphones, the top of the stem of the earbuds is where you control your music. A single tap will pause/play the music, while a long press and hold will increase/decrease the volume. Tapping twice on the left earbud activates Siri/Google Assistant, which can be useful if you are a fan of voice assistants. I find the touch sensitivity to be nice, as I can gently touch/swipe on it to change music or to answer a call.

The only issue I have is the earphones’ placement in the charging case. The orientation is reversed, which means the right earbud is placed on the left and the left earbud is on the right. Many times I took the left earbud out and tried to fit in in my right ear, only to find that it wouldn’t fit. With the company’s focus on making this stylish, it is weird that they would make such a major design flaw. This is the first and only wireless earbuds I have come across to have such an unfriendly, awkward earbud placement design.

At $89, I truly think PaMu Unique wireless earphones are a steal. With interchangeable skins and high-quality earbuds, this is definitely money well spent.


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