Pamu Slide Mini Review: Better Than Airpods Pro Buy Only $70

Six months ago, Padmate tech introduced new wireless headphones called Slide, which received very good reviews and sold like hot cakes. Now the manufacturer has heard user reviews and released an updated version, called the Pamu Slide Mini.

As it turned out, both models look identical, but there is a difference, namely in the charging case. Judging from the name of the device, it is not difficult to guess that the Mini prefix is ​​not just inserted, but more on that later.

At the moment, you can buy Slide Mini headphones in the official store at a bargain price for only $70. According to rumors of some sellers from the Aliexpress store, this model will go to them for sale in the near future.

In terms of technical specifications, the new Slide Mini model got a Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset, support for the aptX codec, IPX6 standard water protection, good battery life with a 85 mAh battery and much more.

In this article I will tell my opinion about the quality of sound and microphone, but first I want to talk about the configuration and appearance.


Pamu Slide Mini Review: Better Than Airpods Pro Buy Only $70


The padmate slide mini came to my review in a small white glossy box. On the front of the box, I see a picture of headphones and a charging case, the name of the model and company, as well as Qualcomm and aptX logos.

Under the white box is a very nice black cardboard box. In it, I found separately lying headphones and a charging case.

Under the cardboard insert, I also found an additional protective portable bag, Type-C cable, manual and two bags with three sets of ear pads, each.

I liked the package bundle, it does not look poor and is definitely worth the $70 spent. I want to pay special attention to six pairs of ear pads, as this is a good solution from the manufacturer, so that the user gets the most comfortable comfort for prolonged wearing for different sizes of ears.


The Slide Mini earphones resemble Airpods Pro in shape, but I can’t say that it is an exact copy. In design, they are performed flawlessly, sit well in the ears and do not fall out of the ear canal when running and other activities.

Build quality at a high level, pamu slide mini bluetooth 5.0 headphones received a pleasant and non-marking matte plastic. It is also worth noting that there is an insertion of a rubber element on the body of the sound guide and I think that it is needed to better grip the device with your hands.

On the front of the device there is a touch panel for control and an LED indicator that flashes every 5 seconds during operation, and there is also a hole for the microphone.

The inside of the headphone has two contact holes for charging the battery and the headphone channel designation – that is, the right or left channel.

The sound guide has a good length and the headphones sit very comfortably in the ear canal. I want to note that the sound guide has an oval shape, so picking up ear pads outside the kit will be problematic. Of course, the sound guide received a protective net from dust and dirt.

Water protection is present under IPX6 standard. Literally, this means that the headphones are not afraid of even a strong jet of water, so bathing with them in the shower will not be a problem, but I would not recommend completely wetting them.

As I said, the main difference from its predecessor is the compact size of the charging case. If you look at the previous Pamu Slide model, it just has a huge case, which is very problematic to wear.

On the front of the box you can see four indicators of the battery level. On the back there is a Type-C port for fast charging.

The lid has a magnetic connection and the headphones sit well in their places, so I did not have any accidental drops.

Another plus is the availability of wireless charging.

I did not find any strong claims in the appearance of the Pamu Slide Mini, and the build quality and materials are at a decent level considering its price of $70.

Connection and management

As I wrote above, the headphones are equipped with Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset and have support for aptX codec. There are no problems with the quality of wireless communication, since the device uses Bluetooth with version 5.0. During testing of the Pamu Slide Mini headphone, I did not notice any communication problems and there were no disconnections.

The connection is standard and will not cause you any difficulties. The first time you connect, you need to get the headphones out of the case, turn them on and go to the Bluetooth settings menu on your device and connect to the Slide Mini.

Management remains the same, as in the previous version. One touch on any earphone – causes a play / pause or to accept / hang up. Double-tap on the right is the next track, and on the left is the call of the voice assistant.

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If you hold the touchpad for several seconds on the right channel – increase the volume, and on the left – decrease the volume. One minus is the lack of switching the track back.


The sound quality has remained almost untouched and matches the sound of his older brother.

The low frequencies have a good and clear sound, and the bass will fill your ears with a good and warm shade. Indeed, the headphones sound very dynamic and voluminous, despite their low price, I would appreciate them $200 and higher.

Compared to Airpods Pro, then the Pamu Slide Mini has every chance of victory, but the main competitor is the Sabbat E12 Ultra headphones. Also, if you like a reinforcing emitter rather than a dynamic one, then the Mifo O7 earphones will suit you.

Mids and highs perform their work very efficiently and the sound is filled with a pure and crystalline character, which is not typical for this price category.

In a similar way, I can note about the quality of the microphone. Due to its design and good location of the microphone, I can say that the microphone is at a high level compared to its main competitors. The interlocutor will hear you well, just as you do.


Of course, another main feature of this device is its good battery life, achieved through a 85 mAh battery. To be honest, this is the biggest battery capacity I’ve seen on wireless headphones.

Due to the high capacity of the battery, the headphone operating time at maximum volume was approximately 8 hours and 40 minutes. Naturally, if you listen to music at 60-70%, you can get the result up to 10 hours, as the manufacturer indicates. The total operating time will be up to about 40 hours, thanks to a charging case with a battery capacity of 400 mAh.

Battery charging time will be 1.5 hours, if through wireless charging then 3 hours. It is also worth noting that 5 minutes of charging the headphone battery will allow you to get 1 hour of listening to music.

Conclusion and reviews

My opinion remains positive after spending several days with the pamu mini headphones. These are really high-quality wireless headphones that have good sound and a comfortable fit.

Of course, there were some minuses, and I can relate to them – this is a blinking of the LED every 5 seconds, and by management, I did not find the function to switch the track back. In addition, I want to note that accidental clicks are not inevitable, so you need to get used to controlling the touch panel.

There are much more advantages than cons and the main ones are high-quality and pleasant sound, a multifunctional touch panel with volume control and a good runtime of up to 10 hours on a single battery charge.

Price and where to buy cheaper?

Already now you can buy Pamu Slide Mini headphones on the official website for $ 69.99 for the black and white version, and $ 59.99 for the green and pink version.

The Slide Mini model has received an update for the better and now these are my favorite headphones that I will use in the future.


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