PaMu Scroll The Bluetooth 5.0 Living Headphones

Only a few weeks have passed since we told you about the new PaMu Scroll wireless in-ear headphones made by Padmate and the Indiegogo campaign, which is about to end after having an incredible success: almost 30,000 backers for a funding of about 1,400 .000 $ (compared to the 20000 requested). And we had the opportunity to see them live, during the Global Sources Electronics Fair 2018 that is being held in Hong Kong these days. In fact, Padmate is among the most visited booths.

Small and Waterproof Bluetooth 5 Earphones Review

What is immediately striking about the PaMu Scrolls is undoubtedly the sophisticated, unique and elegant design of the charging case: a roll covered in leather with magnetic closure and available in four different colors (Rock’n’Roll, Sakura, Glory Edition and Graphene) . It features an impressive 500 mAh battery which should guarantee 2 recharge cycles (approximately 2 hours) for the earphones, each equipped with a 55 mAh battery, which will work for 3.5 hours of music playback and 5 hours of phone calls. Moreover, the case can be recharged both with the cable and wireless, connecting the appropriate receiver (to be placed on the charging base) to the micro USB input. This last component called pamu wireless charging receiver, and must be purchased separately at a price of around $ 19.

The earphones are characterized by a weight of only 5 grams and an excellent ergonomics which, despite the absence of hooks / clips, allows the earbuds to adapt perfectly to the ear without causing annoyance and maintaining excellent stability during the sessions more intense training. With the Bluetooth 5.0 connection, then, the reproduction will be stable and without interruptions and you can quickly connect them to your devices: an operation that will take place automatically after the first time, simply extracting them from the case.

Other noteworthy features are waterproofing (IPX6 certification), support for touch controls to manage music, calls and voice assistants (Siri, Google Assistant, etc.) and the presence of an integrated microphone. The package will include eartips of various sizes to perfectly fit anyone’s ear.


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