What to Look for in Costume Jewelry

Looking classy in costume jewels is indeed challenging. In fact, looking classy in genuine jewels is not even a sure thing, and it can take a bit more to pull off the fake stuff. So, keep on reading for our guidelines on picking the perfect costume jewelry for you.

Go for real-looking and elegant costume jewelry

There are lots of high-end fakes that look remarkably like the real thing. You can now go for cheaper yet expensive looking earrings, brooches, necklaces, and cocktail rings to dress up your look. Whether you’re going for materials like glass, crystal, plastic, foil, or metal, go for real-looking to keep your overall style fashionable and not just plain sad. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, go for a chain necklace in a gold accent that resembles the real shade of gold jewelry which will add some statement to your outfits.

Opt for high-quality finish and gemstone colors

The cheap jewelry for sale at a local shop might be cute, but it also might not have the highest-quality finishes. When shopping for costume jewelry, pay attention to the finishes and colors. Finishes are the colored coatings that turn the chain, setting, French hooks, clasps and all other metal components into, typically, silver or gold tones. Since high-end costume pieces are actually made of silver or gold, you may go for cheaper ones with real-looking fake stones. However, when we’re talking about the cheaper jewelry, which you can typically buy for under a $100, the metals usually aren’t precious, and finish quality can vary dramatically. If you can easily scratch off the flimsy coating with a finger nail, that accessory looks cheap, acts cheap, and is cheap.

Keep it simple and classy

You see it all the time that women look ridiculous in costume jewelry. However, the thing that distinguishes classy with tacky in costume diamonds is in the fact that you’re wearing a dainty or oversized jewelry. Bigger and oversized stones look more unrealistic, impractical, and fake which imparts a decidedly cheap look. If you wish to go for statement and bigger necklaces, be sure it will look classy by going for high-quality and real-looking stones. However, it will look fake since the size is unrealistic.

Wear it with sophisticated outfits

Jewelry can dress up your outfit, but costume jewelry must be worn with sophisticated ensembles to make them look classy. Expensive-looking costume gems can be made of a variety of materials and take countless forms. They may closely resemble diamonds, rubies, pearls or emeralds, or they may create a look all their own. Typically, the nicer pieces will be electroplated in real silver or gold which looks good and stands up to normal wear. With an eye out for materials and mountings, classy costume jewelry is pretty easy to spot. So, take advantage of our tricks to make those costume jewelry work for you.

Source: glamradar.com

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