Hair Stenciling Is the Gorgeous Music Festival Hair Hack Everyone Will Be Trying

We’re calling it: This is THE YEAR of fun hair looks. We kicked off spring cuckoo for pastel hair and rainbow roots. Just in time for summer, it was all all about hair gems. Now? We’re mad about hair stenciling — the trend you’re going to see at every festival all season long.

Artist and hairstylist Janine Ker has been racking up the Likes on Instagram and setting off a beautiful new trend with her artfully designed and executed hair stencils. Hair stencils are… exactly what they sound like. It’s kind of like using the principle of wall stencils to decorate a room in your house, except your hair is the canvas.

Janine, who styles hair at Salon Aguayo in Pasadena, California, uses either permanent or temporary dye and stencils to create colorful hair designs. Her designs include simple geometric designs and more complex floral designs for pretty yet edgy hairdos.

We especially love the hair stencil and undercut tattoo combination used in this pretty lotus flower design. But Janine isn’t the only one blowing our minds with her stenciled hair creativity — other artists are using the interior design trick to hack your hair, like the ‘grammers below:

It’s fun, pretty and edgy. But best of all, no commitment necessary.

You can even use glitter (!!). Try this out with our glitter festival hairstyles… and don’t forget to tag us in *that* Instagram.

Are hair stencils in your beauty stars?


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