How to Accessorize a Little Black Dress

The little black dress is a staple that has limitless possibilities. It’s like a blank canvas on which you can paint anything and create a variety of looks. You can style it up or down, from more casual to formal, from casual-chic to grunge-chic, and from sophisticated to trendy that can take you from day to night. Instead of wearing your favorite little black dress one way, make use of your accessories to create a variety of stylish looks in just one dress.

For a timeless and sophisticated style, you may go monochrome or all-black on your looks. Grab a clutch, cross body bag, or a structured bag with your little black dress. A clutch handbag, though small, is the dressiest or all handbags that is perfect for the evening. Traditionally, etiquette dictated that women wore only clutches to evening engagements and left the straps at home. On the other hand, wear a larger shoulder or handbag that is perfect for everyday use so you can just throw all your essentials in it. Black classic pumps are perfect to channeling your sophisticated and timeless vibe.

For a conservative and classic look, go for clean, pretty, and simple accessories like pearls and diamonds. If you have diamonds, make them shine their best on the black background. Pearls are known for its classic, demure, and glamorous vibe without looking too bold. Look for pearl small earrings, a strand of pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, and even pearl headbands for keeping your look conservative but still polished. Pick some conservative heels like classic pumps, kitten heeled sandals, and even leather shoes that look great with short black dresses.

For a trendy look, go for comfortable footwear like boots or ballerina flats. A pair of flat boots will give more of a downtown ‘cool look’ to your little black dress. On the other hand, ballerina flats are always great for keeping an outfit casual yet sophisticated at the same time. Just pick ballerina flats with a little embellishment on it to add some excitement to your little black dress. For a more polished but cool vibe, go for higher-heeled boots and ankle boots. Also, a belt is a great accessory to simply update your little black dress. Your belt can add some shape to your dress or simply as an adornment.

For a sophisticated look intended for cocktail parties, go for metallic jewelry and accessories with trims of gold and silver. Gold or silver statement earrings not only dress up your little black dress, but they can bring focus to the face. Dangly, hoops, or studs can all work, as long as they make a statement. Just wear your hair up to make the earrings known. When wearing more than one piece of silver or gold jewelry, go for a more dainty earring so you could pair them with a metallic necklace, bracelets, and rings. Also, you may go for a metallic belt in silver or gold shade that adds instant glamor to your little black dress.

For a funky and grunge-chic look, go for accessories with spikes, studs, and chains to channel your grunge style. You may even go for studded boots or sandals with metallic details as well as accessories like chokers, skull rings, studded bracelets, and even spiked ones to complement the theme of your looks.

Toughen up your little black dress by topping off a leather jacket to give your little black dress a rock-chic edge. This style is great for giving a pretty party dress an edgy twist. Team your little black dress with a leather jacket, black jeans, lace-up sandals, and layer on some necklaces, and you’re good to go.

Your little black dress matches with everything that makes it easy to introduce a variety of colors to change up the look of the dress. A colored clutch, some colorful jewelry, a pair of neon shoes, metallic or jeweled belt, and even adding a swipe of brightly colored lipstick are great to brighten up your little black dress. Just try adding two or more colors to really amp up your little black dress as nothing livens up a black dress more than a splash of color.

If you’re wearing a statement black dress with delicate trims, see-through styles, cut out designs, and even sheer lace, let your little black dress be the focus of your overall outfit by keeping everything muted and simple. Indeed, a little black dress is the most versatile staple that can take you to any occasion and any style. Just be tasteful in creating your looks that’ll bring the best of you.


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