How to Dress For Work During Summer

Summer is almost coming to an end, but the heat is still too strong to deny! With the wrong choice of clothing, you might end up sweating profusely at the office. Although most employers demand a strict dress code, you can get away with it – and still look trendy – with these tips on how to dress for work during summer.

Dress in a Shirtdress

A dress is one of the safest choices for work wear. But if the usual frocks produce too much sweat, then you need to know how to dress for work during summer. One of the best ways to do so is to don a shirtdress. For best results, choose one made of cooling cotton. With the many styles and designs out there, you’ll find it hard to resist adding a new frock into your office wear collection!

Go Loose

Your work wear might be comprised of snug, tight-fitting clothes. But for this season, you should know how to dress for work during summer. Instead of your usual bodycon outfits, why not go for loose tops and bottoms? A flowy top or palazzo pants are just some of the trendy options for summer work outfits.

Cool Down in a Casual Top

Casual Friday coming up? Embody this work attire holiday to the tee by wearing (of course) a tee! A casual shirt or top is your best choice when it comes to how to dress for work during summer. Any of these sheer outfits can keep you cool amidst the tiring heat. Of course, keep your respectability intact by wearing your casual top with a skimpy pencil skirt or a pair of structured pants.

Vent it Out

This summer is all about showing some skin. Granted you can’t show much at the office, you can still get that summer sexiness – and feel cool – in an eyelet top or dress. These strategically-holed outfits give your skin some breathing space – without making you look racy or skanky. While eyelet is ideal for summer, you can take it to spring, winter, or autumn as well simply by layering it with other pieces.

Slit’s Got it All

At work, modest hemlines are usually required. But if you know how to dress for work during summer, you can show your glorious gams – in a subtle way, of course. Pick a midi skirt or maxi skirt with an alluring slit. Not only will it show your sexy side, it allows that much-needed ventilation too.


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