Best Contouring Makeup For Neck and Chest

Let’s extend our love for contouring to our neck and chest this time. When our face looks perfectly sculpted, it’s wise that the rest of the upper body looks amazing as well. Contouring the neck and chest is equally important. This video teaches you some of the best contouring makeup tips for neck and chest.

You will need:
1. Light powder
2. Dark powder


Here are some contour and highlight makeup tricks your makeup artiist never told you.

  • When you start to contour the neck, start with the jaw line. Blend the powder slightly down the neck. Moving away further would not meet the purpose.
  • For the chest, start in the middle and take the brush in upward strokes and then make a curved line around. If you want to create the illusion of a bigger and fuller chest, just make sure to blend it well.
  • Use a shimmery effect, if you want to add more shine and more definition.

Hope you enjoy watching this tutorial.



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